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 The Rules [Must Read]

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PostSubject: The Rules [Must Read]   Tue Aug 26, 2008 12:43 am

The Rules

Please Follow These Rules To Avoid Getting In Trouble :

1 - Don't Use Anyone's Designs Unless He Offers
It Or You Ask For Permission

2 - Watch Out For Your Words When Posting

3 - When Posting a Comment Try Being
As Much Posetive As You Can

4 - Respect All The Staff [Very Important]

5 - When Posting In The Design Section Use Images You Made.
Not Using a Button Maker , a Signature Making Site Etc.

6 - Any member Posting Abusive Pictures Will Be Banned.

7 - Non-Useful Posts [Spams] Are Forbidden
Post Writer Gets a Warning
When The Member Gets 3 Warning Member Is Banned

Any member Who Gets Past These Rules Will Face Problems

Be Careful !
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The Rules [Must Read]
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