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 Crystal Ball (Gimp)

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PostSubject: Crystal Ball (Gimp)   Crystal Ball (Gimp) Icon_minitimeWed Aug 27, 2008 11:21 pm

Here I Made a Tutorial Saying How To Make a Crystal Ball with GIMP
This is The Easiest , Simplest Way.

Tutorial : Crystal Ball
Program Gimp
Author : Sliker

Let's Start

First Create a New Image :
420 Width
300 Height


Change The Forground Color to 980000
and Background color to ff0000

Then Choose The Eclipse Tool and Draw Something Similar To This

Crystal Ball (Gimp) E3d63p0jf7el1g3f4zra

Then Open The Gradient Tool and Drag from the top to the bottom
of the circle

You Should Get Something Like this :
Crystal Ball (Gimp) V7igqv48yj0dyn437pkq

Then Change The Foreground and Background Colors To White.
Select The Eclipse Tool and Draw a Circle Exactly like this :
Crystal Ball (Gimp) 26rvyoa6angydfwydehw

Now Here is The Crystal Touch Follow Carefully :
Open Gradient Tool in the bottom of the gimp window you'll
find an opacity bar , lower it to around 20.
then draw a gredient from the top of the 1st circle to the bottom
of the 1st circle.

The Final Result :
Crystal Ball (Gimp) 80jex2a5ixr8dqotgini

We are Done.
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Crystal Ball (Gimp)
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